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Chucky S03 1080p WEBRip x265-KONTRAST
Size: 6.8GB mp4 HEVC (MAIN) (HVC1) / AAC (LC) (MP4A)  HD  1920x960 TV Pack

File Container: MP4
Video/Audio Codec: HEVC (MAIN) (HVC1) AAC (LC) (MP4A)
Video Resolution: 1920x960

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Recent Comments

  • 23d1:

    not episode 4 it is episode 3

  • 23d1:

    not episode 4 it is episode 3

  • 23d1:

    not episode 4 it is episode 3

  • 23d1:

    not episode 4 it is episode 3

  • aaroz88:


  • mptoo: I don't often ask this, infact this would be the first time, but I don't suppose there is any chance...
  • Cinque_Persson:

    quote /quote
    is broken

  • gabrielsyme:

    Sorry but where is the clicknupload link?

  • mike1204:

    Is this episode doomed??? The RMX avi version is only 12 minutes long!!!

  • waanaabe:

    Could PUSHING DAISES kindly be upoaded to CU? THANKS!

  • mentalityx:

    Thx bloke.