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Dragon Raja The Blazing Dawn S01E07 1080p WEB H264-SKYANiME
Size: 1.3GB mkv H264 (HIGH) / AAC (LC)  HD  1920x1080

Dragon Raja
File Information
      SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS kkkkkkkk                                                                          
   S:::::S     SSSSSSSk::::::k                                                                                 
   S:::::S             k:::::k    kkkkkkkyyyyyyy           yyyyyyyy             nnnn          nnn   i   mmmmm          mmmmm  eeeeeeeeeeeee
   S:::::S             k:::::k   k:::::k  y:::::y         y:::::yaaaaa          nnnnn         nnn  iii  mmmmmm        mmmmmm  eeeeeeeeeeeee
    S::::SSSS          k:::::k  k:::::k    y:::::y       y:::::yaaaaaaa         nnn nn        nnn  iii  mmmm mm      mm mmmm  eee
     SS::::::SSSSS     k:::::k k:::::k      y:::::y     y:::::yaaaa aaaa        nnn  nn       nnn  iii  mmmm  mm    mm  mmmm  eee
       SSS::::::::SS   k::::::k:::::k        y:::::y   y:::::yaaaa   aaaa       nnn   nn      nnn  iii  mmmm   mm  mm   mmmm  eee
          SSSSSS::::S  k:::::::::::k          y:::::y y:::::yaaaa     aaaa      nnn    nn     nnn  iii  mmmm    mmm     mmmm  eeeeeeeeee
               S:::::S k:::::::::::k           y:::::y:::::yaaaa       aaaa     nnn     nn    nnn  iii  mmmm     m      mmmm  eeeeeeeeee
               S:::::S k::::::k:::::k           y:::::::::yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa    nnn      nn   nnn  iii  mmmm            mmmm  eee
   SSSSSSS     S:::::Sk::::::k k:::::k           y:::::::yaaaa           aaaa   nnn       nn  nnn  iii  mmmm            mmmm  eee
   S::::::SSSSSS:::::Sk::::::k  k:::::k           y:::::yaaaa             aaaa  nnn        nn nnn  iii  mmmm            mmmm  eee
   S:::::::::::::::SS k::::::k   k:::::k         y:::::yaaaa               aaaa nnn         nnnnn  iii  mmmm            mmmm  eeeeeeeeeeeee
    SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS   kkkkkkkk    kkkkkkk       y:::::yaaaa                 aaaannn          nnnniiiiimmmmmm            mmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
                                            y:::::y              ..Presents..                                                                    
Pre.Date: 05.05.2024       

                   Source:    WEB                                           
                   Runtime:   23 min 40 sec(s)                              
                   Size:      1.34 GiB                                      
                   Video:     1920 X 1080 / 8000kb/s / 23.976 fps           
                   Audio:     Japanese / AAC / 2 channels / 128 kb/s        
                   Subs:      Arabic (Saudi Arabia), German (Germany), English[Forced] [Default], Spanish (Latin               
                              America), Spanish (Spain), French (France), Italian (Italy), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian        

                              Lu Mingfei is a typical high school kid getting ready to graduate That is until he               
                              receives an acceptance letter from Cassell College a school he didnt even apply to Upon          
                              arrival Lu learns that the schools mission is simple protect humanity from dragons Caught        
                              in the midst of the ageold conflict Lu soon uncovers the grim truth behind humanitys war         
                              against the dragon race                                                                          

File Container: MKV
Video/Audio Codec: H264 (HIGH) AAC (LC)
Video Resolution: 1920x1080
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Encoding Queue:  x264  x265

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  • 23d1:

    not episode 4 it is episode 3

  • 23d1:

    not episode 4 it is episode 3

  • 23d1:

    not episode 4 it is episode 3

  • 23d1:

    not episode 4 it is episode 3

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    Sorry but where is the clicknupload link?

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    Is this episode doomed??? The RMX avi version is only 12 minutes long!!!

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    Could PUSHING DAISES kindly be upoaded to CU? THANKS!

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    Thx bloke.